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I Know I’m Asocial but What Are You?

It’s a thing nowadays.
You say you’re anti-social and people know you’re being cute.
You’re shy maybe and don’t like to socialize. You’d rather hide out in your bedroom and talk to the people who inhabit your computer, your books, fictional or otherwise. Society has burned you one too many times.
So it’s all good? Yeah? No one’s going to force you to talk to anyone, right?
Wrong. Everyone talks.
Can’t avoid it really. EVER!
And the thing is, how you’re describing yourself is an ACTUAL THING.
We, asocial people exist and societal functions can be an actual torment for us.
We are NOT anti-social. We are NOT a trend of speech or choice worded clichés.
It’s NOT a thing, but who we are and most of us, if we’re honest, wish we were not so impaired by it, especially since it feels debilitating almost ALL of the time even when we try to force ourselves to “grow out of it” or “be grown-up about it.”
Those asocial persons existing in the realms of society understand fear, a crippling sort…