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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Huntley Fitzpatrick Knows Romantic Personally

When you’re the mother of six, juggling all the things in the air might not come naturally, but it’s a must. Add in a side of writing some of the most adored YA romances and you’re talking about one talented author — Huntley Fitzpatrick. Which is why I’m not surprised Huntley pulls from her own life - the quirks, the comments, and the hilarious dialogue - since every conversation, interaction between her fictional tight-knit families feel ever so real and heartfelt. It's as if the characters inhabiting the book were pulled from the clutches of reality and forever preserved in the pages of her sweet romances. And woah — wow factor, does Huntley know sexy and mysterious and adventurous in a first hand way. If you hadn’t heard, there was an incident on a train that involved kissing a stranger. Yep… the lady doth not protest, and gave up all the glorious details of a passing in the night story that was all her own making. Such a romantic moment! Okay so I keep hearing about this stran…

'Waiting On' Wednesday: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth skyrocketed to book fame with her vividly compelling ‘Divergent’ trilogy. Now a movie starring some of the most popular actors of this era, Roth watched her written worlds come to life on-screen. Huge and overwhelming, her life upturned from quiet to celebrity overnight, but she has stayed busy.

ParnassusNext sent me a published sneak peek of Carve the Mark this week with my subscription book (This Savage Song) and reminded me of the brilliance of this book coming. I adore the character interaction already. Have you read the excerpt from EW? EW announced the title and revealed the cover for Carve the Mark! It will be the first of two books. A sic-fi duology, with a hero and heroine leading the narration. Cyra and Akos might come from two very individual worlds, separated in a caste society; but they are destined to become unexpected allies. Neither present with a currentgift (unique powers to affect the future that everyone is meant to receive in this world) that will aid…