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#TopTenTuesday: Websites That Aren't Strictly Bookish

Thanks to the Broke and the Bookish for hosting.

Today, this post is going up a bit late and after everyone has probably read the lists they're most attracted by. However, I am jumping back into the this blogging business on my own again. Which means, making the most of these kind of  memes. In trying to keep with a bookish theme, I modified today's Top Ten Tuesday so that all the sites I listed feature literary gifts, but aren't necessarily sites that sell books. Most of them though, are hoping to capture a bibliophile's attention.
#1 --> GADGET4ENTERTAINMENThas gorgeous jewelry relating to fandom, even bookish fandom! 

#2 --> NOVELLYYOURS -- Who doesn't like candles, especially soy ones that burn clean and are meant to remind you of your favorite literary characters?

#3 --> BOETECH cookie cutters feature cutters in a delightful Jane Austen shape, but of course, this 221B cutter is my favorite. I used it a lot along with the TARDIS one a lot this Christmas …