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LOVE AMPLIFIED *~Release Day~* Giveaway

LOVE AMPLIFIED comes out today! You can get it now. Woohoo... go purchase it and come back here to enter the giveaway. Also, watch some exclusive content with a very handsome Jake Masters and the face on that front cover below. Read an exclusive excerpt if you need a reintroduction to Alyssa, the leading lady of the Heavy Influence series too.

Happy Release Day:
Love Amplified (Heavy Influence, #3) By: Ann Marie Frohoff Publisher AMF Publishing Release Date: October 25, 2016 Pages: 176 Jake Masters is on the rise, sober and inspired. His solo music career has taken off and he's packed away his ugly skeletons - so he thought.
When a tropical rendezvous with Alyssa turns into an unexpected life-altering reunion, they must decide what's more important - their happily ever after or doing the right thing. Can it be both?
TODAY ONLY... for RELEASE DAY... Get LOVE AMPLIFIED for 99 cents! Amazon | Goodreads Exclusive Excerpt: Alyssa

There are things you can’t un-see…things that remain like thick…

Ann Marie Frohoff Talks Musical Inspiration of "Heavy Influences" Book Series

If you don’t remember the first stories of the Heavy Influence series, the scoop on all the books and where you can find them is HERE. The worry I believe most readers right now seem to be having is will we get that happy ending?! Life doesn't come with cut and dry answers, so why should romance? Because that's what readers are seeking out from such stories. Frohoff might be a big fan of open-ended; however, she has promised that the Heavy Influence series will end in a way that readers can walk away ... Happy!

I like the quote that love is not always enough… however, there are many people who believe love conquers all. Spoilers possibly but which do you think Jake and Aly are headed towards — heartbreak or a happy ending?  Haha…hmmmm. I’m not a happy ending kind of person. I love stories that leave things open ended and force you to conclude for yourself. I know most people hate that…so I’m not going to do that to my readers. It’s going to be a happy ending, but not the type o…

Beth Revis Expands Her Galactic Empire In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Some people write and write and the words they write come out fantastical. As if they’ve actually been transported to the place and time of their choice and come back as primary sources — eyewitnesses with first hand accounts of these new universes and the heroes that inhabit them — and they are the story-tellers of the future because of it. Archivists of fantasy and escapism and the brilliant spark of imagination that powers publishing today. Beth Revis is one such powerhouse talent. She plots stories with checkmate endings, the type where you cannot safely predict if the lead character will indeed make it but you sure as heck hope so. The balance of power tips too often for surety though. If perchance, you’re the type of reader to care, immersing yourself in books without sparing a thought of the genius behind it; prepare to come out scathed to the core. Your insides exposed, scorched and tears streaking your cheeks. It won’t be a pretty sight, but you will survive to read another d…

"LOVE AMPLIFIED" by Ann Marie Frohoff is Romance at Its 'Happy Ending' Best

When I first tackled the 'Heavy Influence' Series, there was a definite gloom hanging over these books -- that I might have picked up a romance series that might throw a loop into the happy ending expected of this type of novel. A genre that's suppose to give me something to smile about at the end; could I have that and a shit ton of angst too?! Well, looks like readers the reckoning has come.

LOVE AMPLIFIED, the final novel, has arrived!

And right on the cover there's foreboding words. What is this tagline doing to my nerves? Not sure yet, other than making me feel the need despite my heavily scheduled life, pick up the book and get it read, right damn now.


I can't even... what does that mean?! Anyone else stressed over these words like me? You should talk to me about it below, yeah? Maybe I can convince Ann Marie to chime in.

Look at this beautiful cover too! Isn't it so attractive?! Oh, but you need…

'Waiting On' Wednesday: Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh

Having had the opportunity to meet this lovely author and hear her speak surrounded by other amazing authors, I finally went looking for what's next on her list. This book looks to be right up my alley given that it is being touted as Mulan (my fave Disney film) meets Tamora Pierce (easily my fave YA author of all time!!!) on Amazon. Who went a bit delirious at that description?!

DETAILS: Title: Flame in the MistPublisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young ReadersPublishing date: May 2, 2017Author(s): Renée AhdiehSeries: Stand Alone (for now) EXCERPT: The daughter of a prominent samurai, Mariko has long known her place—she may be an accomplished alchemist, whose cunning rivals that of her brother Kenshin, but because she is not a boy, her future has always been out of her hands. At just seventeen years old, Mariko is promised to Minamoto Raiden, the son of the emperor's favorite consort—a political marriage that will elevate her family's standing. But en route to the impe…

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Huntley Fitzpatrick Knows Romantic Personally

When you’re the mother of six, juggling all the things in the air might not come naturally, but it’s a must. Add in a side of writing some of the most adored YA romances and you’re talking about one talented author — Huntley Fitzpatrick. Which is why I’m not surprised Huntley pulls from her own life - the quirks, the comments, and the hilarious dialogue - since every conversation, interaction between her fictional tight-knit families feel ever so real and heartfelt. It's as if the characters inhabiting the book were pulled from the clutches of reality and forever preserved in the pages of her sweet romances. And woah — wow factor, does Huntley know sexy and mysterious and adventurous in a first hand way. If you hadn’t heard, there was an incident on a train that involved kissing a stranger. Yep… the lady doth not protest, and gave up all the glorious details of a passing in the night story that was all her own making. Such a romantic moment! Okay so I keep hearing about this stran…