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BOOK REVIEW: The Duff by Kody Keplinger

Before you judge me for not reading this book sooner, maybe wait to judge after I tell you that it was the movie trailer that totally sold me on reading this book. To be honest, the title and cover of this book turned me off back when I was given an ARC of it to read. Something about that label is just so offensive that I couldn't bring myself to even pick the book up and check out what might be on the inside.
And I do know not to judge a book by its cover. So shame on me. I totally judge myself for taking so long to get around to one of the best teen books I've read in regards to coming into your own as a person and learning how to be part of a functional couple. Yeah... I believe that there are high school students mature enough and self aware enough to have meaningful sex, a meaningful courtship where the two persons in the relationship grow together.

TITLE: The DUFFAUTHOR(S): Kody Keplinger SERIES: Stand AlonePUB INFO: Little Brown/Poppy on 1/1/2010ACQUIRED HOW? purchased …

BOOK REVIEW: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Plans for the 21st birthday are coming along painstakingly slow. ANightmare Before Christmas theme and a couple of steampunk outfits we're putting together should make the night more personalized and fashionable for us. Too bad I cannot get her friends from out of state to come down and visit. My daughter does not have any friends here to celebrate such a momentous birthday. 
So you can imagine how busy life has been planning this party despite having a small guest list. Even still my craving for Rainbow Rowell words continued on and so I finally picked up Attachments after it had been recommended to me by multiple friends and knowing already that I am a sucker for Rainbow's stories.

TITLE: AttachmentsAUTHOR(S): Rainbow Rowell SERIES: Stand AlonePUB INFO: Dutton Adult on 4/14/2011ACQUIRED HOW? Purchased trade paperback off of AmazonBOOK RATING: Going Bananas!

Okay so this book, Attachments plays into some pretty common romantic tropes that trigger a lot of people. The main lea…