BOOK REVIEW: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Plans for the 21st birthday are coming along painstakingly slow. A Nightmare Before Christmas theme and a couple of steampunk outfits we're putting together should make the night more personalized and fashionable for us. Too bad I cannot get her friends from out of state to come down and visit. My daughter does not have any friends here to celebrate such a momentous birthday. 

So you can imagine how busy life has been planning this party despite having a small guest list. Even still my craving for Rainbow Rowell words continued on and so I finally picked up Attachments after it had been recommended to me by multiple friends and knowing already that I am a sucker for Rainbow's stories.

  • TITLE: Attachments
  • AUTHOR(S): Rainbow Rowell 
  • SERIES: Stand Alone
  • PUB INFO: Dutton Adult on 4/14/2011
  • ACQUIRED HOW? Purchased trade paperback off of Amazon
  • BOOK RATING: Going Bananas!

Okay so this book, Attachments plays into some pretty common romantic tropes that trigger a lot of people. The main lead Lincoln, while very geeky and handsome has no idea that he is so attractive to the ladies but also, has a job that allows him to behave quite stalkerish. Now I had no problem with these tropes because of the way Rainbow wrote Lincoln. He was totally believable as a clueless cutie. And the plot twist that includes the behavior that allowed Lincoln to read Jennifer and Beth's emails totally made sense to me and explained how he could've been sucked in before he realized how bad he would feel reading personal emails of strangers.

And as someone who actually worked at a newspaper during the Y2K scare, I can tell you that Rainbow has captured the spirit of paranoia that pervaded the newsroom and how closely all computer usage was monitored as if all the information on the computers would disappear in a *poof* -- all magic of the written word disappearing at the strike of midnight.

QUOTE ME: The perfection of Rainbow Rowell's words comes with the realization that even as you read each character, these individuals so delightfully human and real and ever so quirky and unique... that with each little peek into who they really are, you know that bits of yourself have gone into making them who they are. Rainbow infuses characters with such nuanced personality that no matter who you are, despite all our differences, every single person you meet in her books feels like someone you know or is so completely relatable, you wonder if Rainbow Rowell has been reading your emails and turning them into the most unlikeliest of love stories.

In Eleanor & Park, I spent a great deal of my reading time raging against Eleanor's lot in life but making victory signs every time she and Park successfully navigated that thing called character development.

In Fangirl, I spent a lot of time crying because seriously Cath hit a lot of repressed feelings in me but also, developed swimmingly in the end surrounded by friends.

In Attachments, I spent a lot of time ridiculously smiling despite the sorrow I felt alongside Beth, Jennifer and Lincoln and very much understood the voyeuristic need Lincoln felt when he kept reading.

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