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BLOG TOUR: "Truly, Madly, Famously" by Rebecca Serle

Some days you just sit back after a book and wallow in the misery. In the knowledge that the second just managed to hook you into the story so thoroughly that the wait of the next book - in this case, book three - seems like torture because you have to know what's going to happen to your lovely friends you've now hung out with twice and are rather too fond of. I don't get overly attached or anything to fictional characters. Nope. Not me. However, dang... who knew celebrity drama could make for such a good read? This triangle doesn't feel convoluted, inflated for sensationalism but like the real deal. Sometimes there's more than one person who can make your heart beat fast, you hands clammy and put a devilishly flirty twinkle in your eye. Don't knock it happens.

The Famous In Love series currently is becoming a TV show on ABC Family... so yeah... I'm not the only one thinking this series has all the potential to become unmissable entertainment.


BLOG TOUR EXCLUSIVE: "Brutal Youth" by Anthony Breznican

When Stephen King blurbs a book, of course, I think horror. How can you not? He's the master and so it was surprising to me to see his name show up on the front of Brutal Youth by Anthony Breznican. Not because, I don't think King reads a multitude of genres, books; but because Brutal Youth seemed like another contemporary coming of age story - at least that's what I thought before taking a closer look.

 When examined further, Brutal Youth's keen focus on how adults let down young people much more often than not in the education system paints a horrifically clear picture. A technicolor novel so real in its fictional narrative where rebellion is not sparked by juvenile delinquency, but by the credence of a teenage perspective that aims to call out adults feeding into the student-eat-student-alive mentality; and readers (at least I did) will hope they've been transplanted into a horror novel rather than own up to the reality that inspired it. Because as King probably…