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LOVE AMPLIFIED *~Release Day~* Giveaway

LOVE AMPLIFIED comes out today! You can get it now. Woohoo... go purchase it and come back here to enter the giveaway. Also, watch some exclusive content with a very handsome Jake Masters and the face on that front cover below. Read an exclusive excerpt if you need a reintroduction to Alyssa, the leading lady of the Heavy Influence series too.

Happy Release Day:

Love Amplified (Heavy Influence, #3)
By: Ann Marie Frohoff
Publisher AMF Publishing
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Pages: 176
Jake Masters is on the rise, sober and inspired. His solo music career has taken off and he's packed away his ugly skeletons - so he thought.
When a tropical rendezvous with Alyssa turns into an unexpected life-altering reunion, they must decide what's more important - their happily ever after or doing the right thing.  
Can it be both?

Exclusive Excerpt:

There are things you can’t un-see…things that remain like thick burn scars,
always there to remind you of a fire you couldn’t run away from. Living in the same town as my rock star ex-boyfriend was one of them. Jake Masters, the love of my life and the torment of my existence had moved back from New York City, unexpectedly, and I had spotted him in the most unbelievable way.
Standing in the middle of the Manhattan Beach Pier the ocean waves crashed
against the pier piling, matching the pounding of my heart. My emotions churned like the blue water bubbling beneath me. I felt the heat of emotion rising up my neck. I kept blinking, not believing what I was seeing. I looked back at Nathan, who’d always been there for me during my darkest of days with Jake in high school. My friend Nathan, who became my boyfriend, back to friend, then turned fiancĂ©. He was talking on his cell phone. He’d answered a call from his hospital intern program, stalling our all too serious marriage conversation.
Waiting for him to get off the phone I had leaned against the pier’s railing,
looking out over the sand. It was a warm spring Monday afternoon and there were more people on the beach than usual, too many kids ran around at the shoreline and I thought it must have been a school holiday.
That’s when I saw him – Jake. My hands trembled instantly and my legs grew
wobbly. I took in a deep breath to get a hold of myself. His shirtless back faced me. There was no mistaking him. The tattoo dedicated to me, angled over his left bicep and down his shoulder blade, taunted me. It was as if it were alive, its strands of hair waving back and forth as he dug in the sand next to a little boy and a woman with long black hair. I could see them clearly as I stood above them on the pier. They were building a sand castle. I turned away unable to believe it. I leaned my back against the railing, watching Nathan as he slowly walked toward me.

My handsome Nathan…maybe not mine anymore. I didn’t deserve him. I never
did. This was a sign. My heart would always belong to Jake. No man deserves a woman who would always pine for someone else.

What was I seeing?

I didn’t want to turn back to get another glimpse, but I had no control. I casually
glanced over my shoulder. Now I could hear their laughter as if they were the only ones on the beach and it shredded me to my core. Nathan finally made it to my side and I watched him as he rubbed his jaw, despondent. He’d flown in that morning, just to see me and to give me an ultimatum.

“Alyssa if we’re not gonna set a date this has to end…” - that’s what he’d said
right before his phone rang. I still couldn’t believe he took the call, maybe because he wanted me to suffer. I’d dragged our engagement out long enough. I looked back over my shoulder again. Seeing Jake play happy family made my stomach turn.
Who were they? That’s probably his new girlfriend – I thought, wondering whom
the kid was. Would Jake date someone with a kid? – Obviously. I felt the life rush out of me like the air in a punctured balloon as memories flooded through my mind, lingering on the things that caused our complete and final breakup. What the hell did I expect? Of course he’d move on with his life. I ended it so harshly and heartlessly, but he deserved my cold shoulder. He’d been sleeping with his deceased best friend’s wife, more than once. He was on drugs and not the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I remembered the pain and hurt in Jake’s eyes when I threw the ring he’d given me, our promise of forever, in his face as if it happened yesterday.

I never looked back.

Nathan tucked his phone back in his pocket and I launched off of the railing,
grabbing him by the arm leading him away. I didn’t want him to see what and whom I was staring at. His face was still serious and his green eyes more somber. I knew the end was near, but not in the way I’d expected.

“Everything ok, with work?” I linked my arm through his. He sighed and pulled away from me. “Aly, what’s it gonna be?” I stopped to face him. “You want an answer now?” “Alyssa, you’re graduating. I…” He hung his head and my heartbeat was in my ears. “I met someone, Alyssa, and I’m interested in taking her out. If you’re not going to marry me…we both need to move on with our lives.”

The ringing in my ears made me dizzy. I watched Nathan’s face as he eagerly
looked at me for a response and all I kept hearing in my mind was – “…I met
someone…” “Nathan,” I crossed my arms, trying to figure out how I was feeling. I was both hurt and not surprised. “What you’re saying doesn’t make sense…” “Yes, it does…it came out wrong, Alyssa, I love you.” He was flustered and it made me feel worse about everything. “It’s about you not wanting to commit to a life with me...” he gulped, searching my eyes, “and I met someone in my program. I spend a
lot of time with her. She enjoys my company…and she made a comment that if I wasn’t engaged, she’d ask me out. It was a simple, flirtatious comment, yes, but it got me to thinking…since you won’t commit to a wedding date.”

Sadness and guilt gutted me. 

“Nathan you knew…” “I know.” He interrupted, frustrated. “I’ve grown tired of hoping you’ll come around, Alyssa. I’m ready to start my life with someone. I know we’re young but I wanna build a life with someone from nothing and I wanted that to be you.”
Alyssa. He never calls me Alyssa.

“You don’t even wear the ring I gave you.” He continued. “I should have known
when you stopped wearing it.” His arms flew up in indignation. “I want you to be happy. I want to be happy. I thought I could be something better in your life. I thought I could show you the love you deserve, show you how a man is supposed to treat a woman.” “Nathan, if this is about Jake…”

“That’s part of it.” He said loudly, drawing a bit of attention to us. “I wouldn’t marry him either.” I practically shouted, blurting out more than I wanted, “he asked me several times, too.” I felt heavy like I could collapse from emotional weight.

He looked confused. I’d never shared this information with him.

“Really.” He laughed to himself, almost mockingly. He turned away and his arms
flew out again as he paced back to me sarcastically saying, “I suppose that makes me feel slightly better.”

This was a side of Nathan I’d not seen before and I ignored his biting contention,

 “I’m just fucked up, what can I say.”


Ann Marie ("Annie") Frohoff grew up in sunny Southern California. As a teen and young adult, she spent her time frequenting and living in nearly every beachside city up and down the coast.
Ann Marie is a debut author whose vision to tell a story started out like many other aspiring writers, with a dream, literally. After taking her then eight-year-old daughter to a concert, her dream weaving took on a life of its own. Long story short, she quit her high- paying corporate job and went for broke to follow her dream.
The first installment in her Heavy Influence Trilogy, FIRST KISS, released June 11, 2013 — the series is a story about young, reckless love between a rising rock star and his younger muse, spanning 10 years of their tumultuous and passionate relationship. 
Each book in the Trilogy will come with a soundtrack of original music, of which the lyrics will appear in the pages of the books.
Annie has settled in the South Bay area of Los Angeles with her family.
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Mailing List | YouTube | Goodreads
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Ann Marie Frohoff Talks Musical Inspiration of "Heavy Influences" Book Series

If you don’t remember the first stories of the Heavy Influence series, the scoop on all the books and where you can find them is HERE. The worry I believe most readers right now seem to be having is will we get that happy ending?! Life doesn't come with cut and dry answers, so why should romance? Because that's what readers are seeking out from such stories. Frohoff might be a big fan of open-ended; however, she has promised that the Heavy Influence series will end in a way that readers can walk away ... Happy!

I like the quote that love is not always enough… however, there are many people who believe love conquers all. Spoilers possibly but which do you think Jake and Aly are headed towards — heartbreak or a happy ending? 
Haha…hmmmm. I’m not a happy ending kind of person. I love stories that leave things open ended and force you to conclude for yourself. I know most people hate that…so I’m not going to do that to my readers. It’s going to be a happy ending, but not the type of happy ending that would be considered sailing off into the sunset. Life has a way of coming full circle. Jake is a product of his up bringing after all.
Now that I would believe, especially since the cliffhanger you’ve left us on the last few books meant an exhaustive amount of angsting until the final book! So since you’ve given me all the spoilers you can because really... we all just need to pick up LOVE AMPLIFIED right now; let’s talk muses. Hmmm?! You’ve got some really lovely bands to feed your inspiration, don’t you?!

Do you have new musical muses for this series? Or are the Bad Suns and Lights Resolve still the heaviest influences? Do they know you have another book coming out?
Bad Suns is still a huge influence, as they are now hitting the big with playing Coachella Music Festival this year, and have appeared on Conan O’Brien and now are slated to appear on Jimmy Kimmel this month (Jan 2015). Nick Long of Dark Waves is also a huge influence. He also is on tour this month – he has some really heavy stories… more so than the other bands. He’s actually lived my character’s, Jake’s life, much like what happens in the series. Bad Suns is a little too young and hopefully won’t have issues so common with celebrity & fame. I’m sure they do know I have more books coming out with regards to the series, but I don’t speak to them about the books per say. I do ask a million questions and we hang out, but I keep all my book stuff separate, if that makes sense. Kinda silly I know, but it is what it is.
What music are you listening to right now? Do you pick songs that motivate you to write your characters’ lives a certain way, to feel what they’re feeling? 
I’m currently listening Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift (don’t laugh I adore her – she keeps me young), Twenty One Pilots, The XX – I really listen to old school tunes though… 80’s & 90’s classics.
Hey now, no judging for sure here… Taylor Swift is AWESOME! And I could totally see Aly dancing around to her music. She might be a California girl but Taylor’s got the right grooves to help her shake it off… and that’s the thing, isn’t it?! When you’re young, it is hard to let go of those passionate feelings that you feel for your first love. I just think that Aly and Jake need to take some time to grow and deal with their own issues though because while Jake seems to handle life better with Aly, she’s become a crutch he relies on too heavily and in retaliation, Aly acts selfishly and without thought to anyone but herself. It’s a catch-22 that they cannot seem to break the hateful cycle of.
And sometimes the angst gets overwhelming, at least it did for me, considering that I think of these books as romances first and foremost. My spirit felt overwhelmed by sadness and hurt for these two and it threw me off so much that the steamy parts of the story just didn’t ring as true. I wanted to root for them, but mostly it’s watching a train wreck knowing it is going to happen and not being able to stop it. It’s awful and yet, I will admit the book had me feeling ALL the FEELS at the end. So Annie got me there!
Seriously, this is not your average love story. It’s hard-core rock with attitude and angst and alternative in its perspective. You cannot expect things to all of a sudden look up. The pain gets real, but in the end, Jake and Alyssa always seem to know deep down that they will always love each other. *cue Whitney’s rendition of  “I Will Always Love You”*

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Beth Revis Expands Her Galactic Empire In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Some people write and write and the words they write come out fantastical. As if they’ve actually been transported to the place and time of their choice and come back as primary sources — eyewitnesses with first hand accounts of these new universes and the heroes that inhabit them — and they are the story-tellers of the future because of it. Archivists of fantasy and escapism and the brilliant spark of imagination that powers publishing today.
Beth Revis is one such powerhouse talent. She plots stories with checkmate endings, the type where you cannot safely predict if the lead character will indeed make it but you sure as heck hope so. The balance of power tips too often for surety though. If perchance, you’re the type of reader to care, immersing yourself in books without sparing a thought of the genius behind it; prepare to come out scathed to the core. Your insides exposed, scorched and tears streaking your cheeks. It won’t be a pretty sight, but you will survive to read another day. You won’t have a choice; you’ll need to know what happens next.
All the more impressive, for me, is that Revis does all this and manages an “omigosh” romantic thread while remaining in the Science Fiction arena. It isn’t easy being a girl sci-fi geek. Female characters who are leaders of the pack aren’t easy to come by, especially in this genre thought to be mostly written by males. Times are a changing and it pleases me to no end that more and more authors are saying they write what they wanted to read, and it just so happened that a lot of other people wanted to read the same thing too — it just had not been written yet.
Now if all the above were not enough to make me feel a kinship with Revis, and the fact we share the same name, the revelation that Firefly is her favorite show closely followed by Doctor Who certainly makes her a kindred spirit. Apparently she is in a race with her own mother to visit all the states and countries and since travel ranks high up on her favorite things to do (as well as mine!)… well that’s just the icing on the awesomeness cake I need to give this lady. Seriously, check out her blog for all the “boring” details. You’ll thank me later… and yes, Gargoyles was so underrated during its time!
The good thing though, after reading my spiel, you don’t have to just take my word for it. Okay… so Revis has double-jointed shoulders which I imagine should make bearing the weight of all the expectations I’ve just placed upon them easier but maybe not since this weight comes with a heavy dose of metaphorically speaking. However, that is why we’ve got an exclusive today for you. The one and only Beth Revis tells us all about publishing as she knows it and what it took (thousands of rejections) to get her own books in bookstores and on readers’ bookshelves. (See! I told ya she was tough.)
When submitting Across the Universe you said you thankfully found an agent who was able to find the right publisher for you. Were you ever encouraged by a genre editor to submit a sci-fi novel to them and do you plan on sticking with science fiction or branching out? You mention having ten finished manuscripts before you even got around to Across the Universe and most of them very different than the sci-fi genre you ended up in.
I’m not sure what you mean by genre editor? Do you mean, for example, an editor who takes unsolicited manuscripts? If that’s the case–nope, that’s not something I would do. I trust my agent 100% to find the right homes for my books, and she is my greatest ally and partner in publishing. 
I do intend to branch out of science fiction–in fact, both of my current works in progress are not sci fi at all (although one is fantasy and one is just…weird). I doubt I’ll ever branch out of YA, though–but there’s always a chance.
All the ten manuscripts I wrote before Across the Universe were different forms of fantasy–a portal fantasy, a contemp fantasy, a high fantasy. Fantasy is my first love, and I’m really hoping to go back to that soon.
Across the Universe dominated in its genre, Science Fiction and your space thriller has everything that exquisitely torments readers with a will/will they survive plot. In interviews you said that your ending is what dictated the plot and development, and then the characters. Was there anything from real life that inspired you to write Amy and Elder the way you did? Had you ever dreamed of going to space?
Thank you so much! I’ve always been fascinated by space, although I never really wanted to be an astronaut. Part of my fascination with space includes a very real fear of it–literally everything outside of Earth is specifically designed to kill everything currently on Earth.
Amy and Elder are both alter egos of myself. I made Amy from memories of when I was going to college. I was very young and very scared and very far from home. For the first time, I realized that I could get in trouble–serious trouble–and my parents couldn’t come and bail me out. They were too far away. That fear and realization was the source of Amy.
For Elder, I was tapping into my own ambition. I desperately wanted to be good enough to be published, and Elder wanted to be good enough to be a leader.
Were you always interested in the YA side of publishing and what about YA made you decided it was the right place for you and your writings?
Always YA. There was a moment in college that completely changed my perspective. I was an English major, and really wanted to prove myself. I read all the old dead white male authors, the “true literature”…but I wasn’t happy. I went to a bookstore with my roommate, also an English major, and she whispered in a clandestine voice, pointing to the YA section, “Sometimes I like the books from over there.” And there was something that struck me–like, just why should we rank books? What made Shakespeare better than JK Rowling? Nothing. Just personal preference. And the books I really like were the ones over there.
You’ve mentioned not being a fan of “love at first sight” stories especially Romeo & Juliet; do you see yourself ever writing fractured stories of fairy tales or Shakespeare’s characters because of this?
Maybe! I love turning tropes on their heads and twisting ideas.
The Body Electric has an amazing cover and the charity of choice for its promotion… donating to the creation of beehives in developing nations… do you keep bees? Are you a fan of Elementary perchance because that last episode of season one where he names Watson after one of the bees is a favorite here.
I don’t keep bees! I’m actually mildly allergic to them! But I love them anyway. And ironically, I’ve only ever seen one episode of Elementary, and it was exactly that episode!
So if this interview so far has not convinced you of jumping on the Beth Revis train, how about this news!