AUTHOR(S) SPOTLIGHT: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl ~ An Unstoppable Force of Two (Video Interview)

Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia are burning up the best-seller lists with their Caster Chronicles and new spin-off Dangerous Creatures series, however, these two authors have standalone projects too. Don’t forget they have other projects where their name only features individually on those novels.
For a detailed interview and an inside look at their literary beginnings, check out Part I of this interview.
Now for the super fun part… live video interview:

Oh and a purple-streaked silver-haired foxy author appeared. Zac Brewer who lived in St. Louis, came out to chat and add another perspective to the interview. These three are amazing authors, but wait... there's another extra bonus! Sarah Jude, who also, lives in St. Louis, came out to fangirl with us.

Also, many thanks to the Daniel Boone Branch of the St. Louis Libraries for hosting the event and Ridley Pearson, the moderator of the night, for asking some great questions. Check out this cute video to see what he is up to right now.


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