BOOK REVIEW: Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles

This book might be one of the most non-judgemental collection of stories I have ever read. So completely transitional and seamless from one story to the next, the ease of which the reader is given detailed glimpses into the interconnected lives of an entire school and the town allows you to sit back and relax while soaking in the fact that Jo Knowles has written multiple perspectives and narratives and each one told with such empathy that even as she gives the reader opportunity to judge, the words encourage you to see the potential for change in these characters rather than see them punished or get their comeuppance.
  • TITLE: Read Between the Lines
  • AUTHOR(S): Jo Knowles
  • SERIES: Standalone
  • PUB INFO: Candlewick (March 10, 2015)
  • ACQUIRED HOW? Publisher sent ARC for honest review
  • BOOK RATING: Lemon Tart 

Read Between the Lines is not an easy book to read. Jo Knowles writes the good, the bad and the ugly of human nature. Nothing is sugar coated and some of the characters have multi-facets that make them seem contrary and unlikeable and yet completely relatable. All ages are represented and giving the finger takes on a variety of meanings but ultimately each raised finger becomes an act of defiance, a freedom of expression.

QUOTE ME: Not sure how to describe this book but it's important reading. We forget sometimes... actually a lot of times, people are going through crap every day that we do not have a clue about and we judge them without bothering to treat them as human beings deserving of time, kindness and understanding. Even bullies and thieves and eternal optimists who take hit after hit and I guess after finishing the book... I sort of felt that way too. Even after all the hits, I'm pretty hopeful that despite everything, there are still people out there who see humanity just the way we are and can still spin the story without damning us all to hell.


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