#TopTenTuesday: Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Check In With

You know you're a little bit funny when you read a title like the one selected for this week's Top Ten List and everyone seems confused about it, but you. Oh, there are so many characters that I have wondered, just what are you doing now. Nevermind that they are fictional. You can pretend along with me, right? I am not the only on this planet who imagines forgets their favorite people aren't really living, breathing. That didn't sound so creepy in my head as it does reading outloud. Oops.

Thanks The Broke and The Bookish for giving me a list that makes me look like I cannot delineate reality from fiction.

Wanna meet some of the best people that exist only inside the pages of a book? (Here ya go.) Also beware of SPOILERS because uhm... yeah... these blurbs are what I hope is happening now that these books have ended.

1) Eleanor & Park

If I were to check in on these two... I'd say that these two are still madly in love and have a small house together. Eleanor is a DJ at the local radio station and Park has a small dojo where their toddling son gets spoiled by his aunt and uncles. Eleanor's mom became a counselor at the local school and babysits when Eleanor and Park need a date night which usually means dinner and a movie at the local indie theater that shows old movies dating all the way back to silent films. They get in for free since Eleanor is the only one of her radio colleagues who has a tolerance for those old-timer films. If Eleanor has to come home and write up a review of the film, well  that's okay too... she and Park won't be sleeping much anyway. They never do on date nights. :)

2) Elias, Helene, Marcus and Laia 

Oh dear heavens, but I've only just started rereading this book again, when I just finished it about five days ago. These four are on their individual quests to discover who they are, how they plan to live their lives and save the empire from its cruel destruction of cultures. Elias and Laia bicker and fight like a married couple that they are, but also are the only individuals who can pull each other out of their spirals of self-hate. Darin, weak but happy-go-lucky still despite his stint in Kauf sticks with them. He and Spiro are holed up with them as Elias figures out whether he should fight for the Emperor title. The resistance is growing but Marcus, under the Nightbringer and his kind control is weeding them out. Their own internal betrayals weakening them even more. Keenan and Sana are learning to work with each other since Mazen has turned everyone in the resistance against them. They too have joined the merry band of misfits that now comprise of Izzi, Cook, Elias, Laia, Darin, and Spiro. They all enjoy their freedom hidden among the tribes however, they all have a greater calling and are just waiting for the courage to step back into the coliseum and reassure Helene that she is not on her own battling against the continuing injustices because of a revenge plot that has taken ages to concoct. 

3) Hermione, Ron, and Harry

After all this time? Always!
Do I even need to elaborate on my desire to always want to know more about the characters from the Harry Potter novels? How they are always somewhere in the back of my mind, and I am wondering how amazing it would be to just know them.

4) Will Stanton (the Watchman)

The Dark is Rising Sequence were books I discovered, thanks to Reading Rainbow. Do you remember the segment where they would read part of a longer book and have an illustrator actually draw certain scenes from the book while it was being read aloud? Yeah, that's how I met Will Stanton and wished I were an Old One. Seriously though, after living all this time, I would love to know how Will sees the world. If there have been times since if he has had to call the Old Ones back. So many questions!

5) Shadow Moon

Do we think Shadow goes around solving murder mysteries now? He definitely makes a very thorough detective although martyring himself for the victims could become a problem. The man deserves to be happy though. So I hope he is and rounding up the gods in a way that they can co-exist with each other and humanity. Faith is so integral to hope and humans thrive when they have both it seems like... however, I do not approve faith-based wars. Which I guess is why I am so concerned with checking in with Shadow.

6) Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy 

You know that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy had children and those children gotta have some of the hangups their parents had. Epic romances must be happening too though and I would really love to know how they're reacting to their kiddos. One of the reasons I love Anne of Green Gables series is because we get to see Anne and Gilbert interact with their offspring. Wish that Jane Austen had thought to continue this book into a series. I would've bought them all!

7) Amy and Nick Dunne

Speaking of offspring, although no doubt a spawn of devils worth competing with the Omens child for most evil toddler ever -- I really am curious how Nick and Amy are managing. How long can Nick keep up the act of loving his wife even if he loves his child, their child? I am not sure he can change his stripes that quick, even with the life-altering birth of a baby. Don't you think he could come to resent the child. Afterall if it were not for his desperation for a child, he would at least have something to hold over Amy's head and figuring out a way to escape her maniacal clutches.

8) Lucy and George

Lucy and George are amazing together. I love this couple and would adore hearing if they ever made up with Lucy's family. Does George still leave mysterious notes around their little room with a view? Have they bought a cottage so they can make out in the hills surrounded by golden sunlight and whimsical, whispy flowers? Does Lucy have a piano in their home now? Does she give lessons to the local children and terrorize their neighbors when she gets in a mood and the only way for her to work it out of her system is to play loud, raucous symphonies? 

9) Near (Nate River)

If you have never read DeathNote... do not read any further. Everybody dies! No really, they do... well except Nate River or Near, his alias as one of the smartest child prodigies to come out of Wammy House. Yes, I would love to know where this boy is and what he is doing. Everything fell apart with Light's reign with Death Note and while Near seems detached, he also seemed the most like a child still in this series. 

10) Pat and Tiffany

Whenever I need a smile, I think about Pat and Tiffany. These two darlings needed each other and just fell in love because the world was united in its wish to give them their happily ever after. So much joy for how realistically perfect in all the ways a real love story should happen. They have twins, because I say so and it would be hilarious for them and raising those two sweet darlings -- a boy and a girl since Bobbsey Twins are awesome -- is no trouble at all. It is a family-friend affair and they make it work. Pat has found another teacher position and Tiffany has become a self help guru to the local ladies group and no one is ever sad.



She's the best, most curious firecracker and I loved her. She followed in Atticus' footsteps, yeah? Tell me what you think? 

How could I not wonder about her, amirite?


  1. I can't believe I forgot to include Harry Potter and co. on my own list! I would return to them in a second.

    Thanks for stopping by my own blog earlier. :)

  2. Always... always Harry Potter. :)

    Trying to do more reading and get to know people that way. These lists are fun to check out because it's funny to see a lot of overlap but even cooler when there's something rare and you go, oh yeah... how did I forget about them?


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