Books On Television... Will You Watch?!

Oh the joys of seeing your favorite books come to life... or the fear of having your fictional favorites re-imagined in way that doesn't meet your approval. Today, I'm focused on three shows. One is out already and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Two have not arrived and I'm wary of one but delighted by the other teaser.

First up --> Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Gorgeous imagery. Excellent mood and lighting. Rather unsettling and brilliant writing. The production  accurately pulled everything quirky and weird of the book into its essence. I'm rather in awe of it. So very steady paced but ever so pretty and Victorian in all the ways that matter. Also, if you felt the book was a bit overwrought and prosaic, all of that's evened out by the limitations of a televised mini-series.

Secondly --> The Magicians

I am quite the fan of the first two books in The Magicians series by Lev Grossman. This trailer definitely strikes an intriguing balance between the modern and magical. However, it feels a bit mundane too. A Vampire Diaries or Supernatural rift, an episodic peek into the vastly mercurial world of Grossman's. We will see how liked it becomes in 2016 and if it will live up to its original content

Lastly --> A Series of Unfortunate Events

The movie wasn't too horrible in my personal opinion and I absolutely adored the artwork of the end credits. However, this teaser for the Netflix show coming this 2016, is stunning! Don't you think?! Nice touch on the musical accompaniment.

So tell me... what books are you watching?!


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